Your resume is your introduction to a prospective employer of who you are, why you are qualified for the job, and what you bring to the company. A sloppy resume with typos, grammatical errors, or which is poorly formatted will likely be disregarded. Similarly, a resume which does not include any substance will not explain what you bring to the company, and will, ultimately, not get you that interview. Instead, you want to create a compelling resume which will impress prospective employers.

To do this, you will first want to find a template that works for you. Many recent graduates find templates that are over-the-top or which are very “creative.” The reason is to show how creative the recent graduate is. And while I give these graduates an A for effort, it simply gives a hiring manager a reason to disregard the resume. Instead, find a format that emphasizes your skills, education, and relevant experience in a slightly more traditional way. A properly formatted resume will do far more for your career that any “unique” resume. And if you are submitting a paper resume, avoid colored papers, adding scents, or any other gimmicks to “stand out.” This will, usually, lead to your resume simply going in the trash.

Next, be sure to add a powerful objective line. This is your opportunity to explain: “why you.” …

texting-and-drivingSolution:  Institute a one-year mandatory prison sentence for the first offense.

I have chosen the problem of inattentive driving because of texting.

Likely objections:

It is too severe for a first-time offense, especially considering drunk drivers do not always go to jail on their first offense.

Our jails are already overcrowded with violent offenders. This would cause the jail population to increase monumentally. This along with driver safety is why Concrete Solutions Macomb County has very strict guidelines for their drivers to ensure  none of their employee’s become a statistic.

According to, the annual cost to house an inmate in 2014 was $30,619.85 or $83.89 per day. To house an inmate for a year for a first texting offense is not fiscally feasible.

A large percentage of offenders would most likely be teenagers just getting their license. This would take them out of their schooling for a year and potentially delay their high school graduation and college plans, would go on their permanent record and affect their employment potential and possibility expose them to a criminal element which could cause negative influence.  Obviously, if there was an accident caused by texting, then prison terms would be appropriate.

On the other hand, some might object to texting be too limiting. What is the difference between texting and checking email or surfing the internet? Some people …