world-class-customer-serviceWith price-matching, web-based shopping, and a multitude of other ways to ensure they are getting the best price, customers no longer need businesses in the same way as they once did. For this reason, price is no longer the driving factor for many clients. Instead, they seek exceptional customer service and the feeling of being part of the company in some way. For this reason, companies around the world have had a stronger focus on customer service recently than ever before. Here are 7 tips to help your company bring its customer service to the next level.

  1. Remain Positive – Use positive language when speaking with clients. Instead of telling clients what you can’t do, tell them what you can. By spinning negatives into positives, clients will remain in a better mood during an issue and will be more likely to have a positive feeling about the resolution, even if it is not what the customer hoped for.
  1. Smile – Whether on the phone or in person, a smile can go a long way. Customers can hear if a customer service representative is smiling over the phone, and smiling generally leads to a happier disposition on the phone. By encouraging your team to smile both in person and over the phone, you will see the customer experience increase, and you will see your staff’s morale