We all have hobbies, things we enjoy doing in our free time. And we all fantasize about turning those hobbies into careers at one time or another. For some, this fantasy could be a reality, and if you think you could be one of those people, here are 11 things to consider to see if you are ready to turn your hobby into a career.

  1. Someone else is already doing it – If your hobby is something that others are already doing for a living, then you are on the right track. You know that there is a viable career there, and that with time and patience, you could monetize your hobby. But just because no one is doing it now, doesn’t mean it can’t become a career – it just means there is no path to follow.
  1. You want to do it full-time – Sometimes the things which we do to avoid stress can be more stressful than our stressors. Make sure you really enjoy your hobby, and it isn’t simply something to take your mind off of your job.
  1. There is a market – If you make something, is it something that people would want? If you perform a service, is it a service people would be willing to pay for? If you can’t clearly see a defined market, then you will have