Researchers are finding more and more that gut health leads to overall health. A healthy gut has been linked to lower rates of diabetes, depression, obesity, and fatigue. In other words, both your mental and physical health are dependent upon having a healthy gut. So in an effort to help improve your overall gut health, here are six things to start doing today.


  1. Avoid Antibiotics and NSAIDs – Antibiotics and NSAIDs can destroy gut flora or change their composition. This flora aids in digestion, and is a large part of what determines how healthy you are.


  1. Avoid Carbs, Sugar, and Processed Foods – These foods also destroy gut flora. There are also many people who have allergies to these (wheat, gluten, sugar, etc.) who don’t know about the allergy. This can not only lead to a destruction of gut flora, but also to a destruction of the gut barrier.


  1. Eat Yogurt – Finding a good yogurt full of probiotics (most Greek yogurts are best), will help rebuild your gut flora and can also help to heal your gut wall. Yogurt will do more to aid in digestion than anything else you will find.

  1. Eat Prebiotic Foods – These are fiber-rich foods which feed the bacteria in your gut. These include things like: bananas, almonds, garlic, mushrooms, and onions. These foods are great

We all have hobbies, things we enjoy doing in our free time. And we all fantasize about turning those hobbies into careers at one time or another. For some, this fantasy could be a reality, and if you think you could be one of those people, here are 11 things to consider to see if you are ready to turn your hobby into a career.

  1. Someone else is already doing it – If your hobby is something that others are already doing for a living, then you are on the right track. You know that there is a viable career there, and that with time and patience, you could monetize your hobby. But just because no one is doing it now, doesn’t mean it can’t become a career – it just means there is no path to follow.
  1. You want to do it full-time – Sometimes the things which we do to avoid stress can be more stressful than our stressors. Make sure you really enjoy your hobby, and it isn’t simply something to take your mind off of your job.
  1. There is a market – If you make something, is it something that people would want? If you perform a service, is it a service people would be willing to pay for? If you can’t clearly see a defined market, then you will have

Your resume is your introduction to a prospective employer of who you are, why you are qualified for the job, and what you bring to the company. A sloppy resume with typos, grammatical errors, or which is poorly formatted will likely be disregarded. Similarly, a resume which does not include any substance will not explain what you bring to the company, and will, ultimately, not get you that interview. Instead, you want to create a compelling resume which will impress prospective employers.

To do this, you will first want to find a template that works for you. Many recent graduates find templates that are over-the-top or which are very “creative.” The reason is to show how creative the recent graduate is. And while I give these graduates an A for effort, it simply gives a hiring manager a reason to disregard the resume. Instead, find a format that emphasizes your skills, education, and relevant experience in a slightly more traditional way. A properly formatted resume will do far more for your career that any “unique” resume. And if you are submitting a paper resume, avoid colored papers, adding scents, or any other gimmicks to “stand out.” This will, usually, lead to your resume simply going in the trash.

Next, be sure to add a powerful objective line. This is your opportunity to explain: “why you.” …

seo-for-small-businessSEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, should be a term known and understood by every small business owner. SEO helps a business be found when a potential client does a search on a search engine. By optimizing its web content for search engines, a company can improve its relevance online, land more clients, and find growth.

Unfortunately, many large companies have been focused on SEO for years. This can make it hard for a smaller company like ours to rank our business for lockout tagout then it is for say, Masterlock who’s been in the safety business which also includes lockout tagout ande other services in the safety arena.  This makes it extremly hard to gain traction in this space. Ultimately, the goal is to be one of the top results (or at least on the first page of results) when a prospective client searches for specific keywords or phrases which relate to your business. But if the bigger players in the industry have already cornered that market, how does a small business break in?

These days, search engines have gotten much smarter than they once were. You can’t simply stuff keywords on a website and see it hit the top of the results. Similarly, old content will not keep top rankings for long. This is where small business owners can make a dent …

signs-of-strokeIf you are worried you or a loved one has suffered from a stroke, here are 7 signs to look for. If you notice any of them, it is advisable to contact a doctor or medical professional.

  1. Trouble Seeing – This can be with one or both eyes. This can be anything from blurred vision to complete loss of vision.
  1. Difficulty Speaking – If you notice slurred speech, a confusion of words, or an inability to speak all together, that can be a sign of a stroke.
  1. Dizziness – Dizziness and an inability to stand or sit can be a sign of a stroke. A loss of balance is common during and immediately after a stroke.
  1. Numbness – Numbness in the arms, legs, or face can be an easy sign of a stroke. This will generally happen on one side of the body, making it a noticeable change.
  1. Confusion – This will often set in several days before a stroke, and will get worse until the stroke happens. If you are unable to understand what someone is saying to you, or are having trouble remembering basic things, it might be a good idea to consult a doctor. Even if you have not had a stroke, this can be a symptom that one is coming.
  1. Headache – This is not a run of the mill, everyday

running-multiple-businessesThere are a number of ways you could wind up running multiple businesses, which can ultimately lead to great financial success or terrible failure. This is because there is now twice (or three times or four times) the work, responsibility, risk, and potential for profit. So if you should find yourself in this situation, be sure you are ready for the responsibility.

The most common ways people wind up running multiple businesses is by splitting a service into two separate entities. For instance, a mechanic who starts a repair shop may decide to start doing body work, as well. This is a great opportunity to enter a related field and increase revenues, however, the owner may not want to put the current, successful repair shop in jeopardy with the new opportunity. So instead of simply beginning to do body work, he may establish a separate entity which pays separate employees and collects separate income from patrons. This will both allow him to track successes and failures in the two businesses and protect him should the body shop fail.

Another common way people wind up owning multiple businesses is by entering a new space which entitles them to passive income. A business owner who decides to buy several rental properties, for instance, will likely establish another business for the purposes of collecting rents, paying obligations against …

world-class-customer-serviceWith price-matching, web-based shopping, and a multitude of other ways to ensure they are getting the best price, customers no longer need businesses in the same way as they once did. For this reason, price is no longer the driving factor for many clients. Instead, they seek exceptional customer service and the feeling of being part of the company in some way. For this reason, companies around the world have had a stronger focus on customer service recently than ever before. Here are 7 tips to help your company bring its customer service to the next level.

  1. Remain Positive – Use positive language when speaking with clients. Instead of telling clients what you can’t do, tell them what you can. By spinning negatives into positives, clients will remain in a better mood during an issue and will be more likely to have a positive feeling about the resolution, even if it is not what the customer hoped for.
  1. Smile – Whether on the phone or in person, a smile can go a long way. Customers can hear if a customer service representative is smiling over the phone, and smiling generally leads to a happier disposition on the phone. By encouraging your team to smile both in person and over the phone, you will see the customer experience increase, and you will see your staff’s morale

The Customer Service PlanIt seems lately that every major corporation is seeking to find an effective customer service strategy. And while the emphasis on customer service is clearly in the best interests of any business, with customer acquisition costs estimated to be four to six times more than customer retention costs, many businesses seem to miss the mark on what an effective customer service strategy should look like.

A big part of the problem is that customer service has morphed over the last two decades. With the growth of the internet, sites such as Angie’s List, Kudzu, and social media allow potential clients to shop businesses based upon customer service more than ever before. People, meanwhile, are statistically twice as likely to share a bad customer service experience as good. As such, customer expectation is growing. The days of a scripted “welcome” when a customer enters a store or a generic “thank you” email satisfying a client’s expectations are gone. Not when the company down the block is going “above and beyond” to make a client feel “welcomed” and “valued.” And not when most companies now have customer service surveys sent to every client for every interaction.

So to keep up with the changing trends, it is important to evaluate what customer service means to a company. Is it a buzzword for the purposes of good publicity? Is …

texting-and-drivingSolution:  Institute a one-year mandatory prison sentence for the first offense.

I have chosen the problem of inattentive driving because of texting.

Likely objections:

It is too severe for a first-time offense, especially considering drunk drivers do not always go to jail on their first offense.

Our jails are already overcrowded with violent offenders. This would cause the jail population to increase monumentally. This along with driver safety is why Concrete Solutions Macomb County has very strict guidelines for their drivers to ensure  none of their employee’s become a statistic.

According to, the annual cost to house an inmate in 2014 was $30,619.85 or $83.89 per day. To house an inmate for a year for a first texting offense is not fiscally feasible.

A large percentage of offenders would most likely be teenagers just getting their license. This would take them out of their schooling for a year and potentially delay their high school graduation and college plans, would go on their permanent record and affect their employment potential and possibility expose them to a criminal element which could cause negative influence.  Obviously, if there was an accident caused by texting, then prison terms would be appropriate.

On the other hand, some might object to texting be too limiting. What is the difference between texting and checking email or surfing the internet? Some people …

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